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Re: Discouraged...what if lo is allergic to pul, seudecloth and being wet?

My son can't use PUL, Fleece, or Suedecloth topped diapers. We use Wool at home with fitteds and prefolds underneath. When going out though, we use either GDiapers or the new Greenline diaper covers. The greenline ones aren't made from PUL or TPU and he doesn't have a problem with them at all.

As for Gdiapers, I cut out some squares of those fake moleskins that you put on shoes to keep from rubbing and put them on the orange snaps on the insert to keep them from bugging him.

Greenline covers are good and all too. But inside I prefer wool.

ETA: It may be coconut oil, but I'm not sure. My son reacts to scented detergent (we only use non-scented Rockin Green and no rash issues), we use only EO scented or non scented CJ's butter too. His rash wasn't all over the place with the suede cloth. It was a bit rashy though and complained over his diapers and scratched. Once he started scratching it would get red. Once I switched diapers though, it went away and he's been fine since.

Also, I put sposies on him at night. He's sensitive to feeling wet and if I wanted sleep I had to switch to something that would keep him feeling dry. I don't know why he doesn't react to some sposies. But he only does good with huggies. Other brands cause rashes.
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