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Originally Posted by iris0110 View Post

Ok I was beginning to feel like the odd one out. I can't convince my just turned 7 year old that he doesn't need me to shower. I am sure he will eventually figure out how to shower alone, but for the time being he and I shower together. I could make him shower with dh but dh showers before work in the morning so it is less than convenient.

My 11 year old will walk into the room and talk to me while I am changing or just stepped out of the shower and not seem to even notice. Sometimes he will be talking to me and suddenly say "You are naked." It doesn't seem to phase him though. I figure if it bothers him he will stop walking into my room without knocking first.
My boys are only 3 and 18months, but I can see this being us in a few years. Neither my DH nor I have any issue being naked around our boys. We don't have any girls, so I don't know if DH would feel differently, but I highly doubt it. I do have a 15 year old SS and that is obviously a very different situation since I did not meet him until he was 9. Although he got used to seeing my breasts as I have been nursing his brothers for the last 3 plus years now...

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