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Talking FINALLY found a FITTED i LOVE!!!

I had about given up on fitteds. NOTHING ever fit right! I dont' know why. I LOVE pockets and i also can get a good fit with prefolds and covers but never a fitted They always had horrible wing droop, didn't have the right rise, werent' absorbant enough, were too bulky.....but i have finally found the PERFECT fitted...(for us LOL)

the Dream EZE! Its perfect! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I bought 3 and used my first one last night under a crat and it was the perfect fit for her! And so trim yet VERY absorbant!! YAYAYAYAYYAY I'm soo happy i finally found one that works for us! And i SO LOVE that double tongue like soaker thing..( I have no idea what they are really called )

and i'm sure glad i got the large...they seem to run on the small size maybe (??) but its sooo perfect! Now to find some more....anyone one know of some sales for the DreamEZE??

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