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Re: It's Been A Rough Day

It's so, so hard. I knew two women in my social circle due within a week of when DD should've come... it's still so hard to see them with their little ones, like an echo of what I should've had. Had two more due within a month of one of my early losses (one of them announced about a week after I m/c) and had to watch them go through the whole process, too...

And yet three of my cousins on my mother's side had kids when they were in their teens, weren't trying, weren't really in a position to take care of them. One of them had five abortions after her first child, then decided to keep the next one along (he was born four months after DD left). I still don't understand how the universe decides who gets the blessings and who doesn't - especially when so many people don't appreciate what they've got.

There's no easy way to get through any of this, but I wish you peace and strength.

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