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I'm in! And some Q's for you mamas who have had more than 1

Hi! I'm about 8.5 wks, and feeling very nauseous. I have a 3.5 year old DS and WOHM pretty much full time. DH works long hours so I'm responsible for all the cooking, and most of the cleaning. He's been trying to help out lately because I've been ready to crash at 9pm, but it's HARD.

I never really had morning sickness with my first, so feeling nauseous all the time is really killing me. Thank goodness I haven't actually thrown up yet, though! I'm also feeling a lot of pressure on the left side of my abdomen, a couple inches above my belly button... I don't remember that the first time around either. Anyone have that?

Anyone experience really bad morning sickness with one pregnancy but not another? I hope this goes away fast.... I have so much to do!!!

I'm still wavering on the decision to choose an ob. My insurance is crap and the only ob that is covered has gotten really mixed reviews online. She was ok at my first appointment, but I'm just worried that she's kind of inexperienced. I bet it would be fine for an uncomplicated pregnancy, but I just worry that she wouldn't be able to handle any issues. I can pay more for another doctor (I can use the ob that delivered my DS, although I didn't get my prenatal care with that doctor, so I'm not totally sure what he's like overall.... great delivery, and great reputation, though). WWYD?
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