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Re: I keep wanting "just one more"...

Originally Posted by moonlightblonde View Post
This! Though we only have 2. People keep asking if we are done having kids or dp keeps saying two & through type of things & I cringe because I am NOT done..just don't want any more with HIM. We're still working the logistics of being separate out. an aside where are you ladies finding guys open to this many? I am in no hurry to start dating or anything but definitely jealous.

Our biggest issue is the only thing I have ever wanted to be is a mom (& foster eventually) & dp thinks I should have ambitions in a 'real' career & I just don't.
DH and I met in HS. He chased me for a couple years before we started dating though. He is from a large family and had a SAHM so that's something he's always wanted his kids to have too.
In with my DH, crunchy, attached Mama to 4. Homeschooling, long term breastfeeding, CD'ing, babywearing, homebirthing. Could I BE anymore addicted to cloth?!
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