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Re: ~~Daily Chat Monday 6/28~~

Well, I had a whole big reply typed up and hit page back, so I'm just going to say Hi.

FX to Cecili for her job and Katie for getting the green light to dtd. And you're not supposed to sleep on your back because baby can compress internal organs, the aorta running down your spine and blood vessels if you lay on your back and laying on your right side can affect your liver somehow. Also, I think its the left side that you lay on to stop contractions. . . I could be wrong, but I think that's the reasoning behind it.

I'm so tired and so sick of being tired My parents are supposed to come over today and so is my friend, so hopefully I'll see someone over the age of 5 today. Unfortunately, that also means I have to clean up. . . Hopefully it won't be for nothing.

Off to make pancakes and clean the kitchen. . .
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