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Re: How did your parents tell you about sex?

My mom was VERY open about everything pratically since I was born. She never, ever hid her period from me so I've known what that was since before I can remember. I think I vaguely remember asking at about 3 years old why girls bleed, and when I was going to. She just told me so that ladies can have a baby. It wasn't long after that I asked about how babies were made and she explained it like you would to any 3 year old: She told me that mommies and daddies get REALLY close and make the baby. She went it to more detail about everything a few years later when I realized she wasn't being very specific. Also, I don't remember when she told me, but I know that I knew were the baby came out since as long as I can remember as well.

I don't think we ever sat down and had a "talk" but as things came up over the years, she'd tell me or ask me if I knew about certain things.

Oh, and I voted "other"!

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