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Re: Basically it's Monday

Well after having a great day at work on Friday I had a sh!t day at work today.

I don't mind being asked the same thing 50 million times by the's part of the job but today it really was excessive. Good grief! It's only a cheap silly plastic watch but the whole of Germany wants one!

That on top of there being 3 people putting away the fridge stuff on the same side of the freezers as I was working and getting in my way. I managed to hit the freezer bumper and knocked it off because of them. When I tried to ask them to move a bit so I could fix it I got into a bit of a discussion with the apprentice. She said Why couldn't I do it, because I've finished and I need to do it now. Ok, she didn't know that and apparently I shouldn't get snippy with her. I wasn't I was just trying to get her to understand.

So when I tried to apologise (which I don't think I needed to do; in my mind she was in the wrong but I wanted to keep the peace) she turned her back on me, messed with her hair and said yeah, yeah, whatever.

Then the person who I'm sure doesn't like me tells me AGAIN to write down my hours. I always write down my hours because my boss told me to. STOP TELLING ME THAT! I've been writing down my hours longer that you've been working here!

Then the Boss above my boss was there, in the break room having a nice little coffee and cake meeting with a co-worker and the boss. Great, I had no choice but to interrupt because my locker is in there. She knew I'd been sick and hasn't seen me at all since my first surgery....but she didn't even say hello to me. Lovely, thanks for that.

I really wish the kids were better behaved. If they were capable of getting ready in the mornings I could work the really early shift and never have to deal with anyone and my job would be perfect.
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