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Re: Basically it's Monday

Janine on the crappy day at work. Hopefully the next day will be better.

I totally get that Jess. I wish I could look better in my jeans right now that probably a million other things that should be more concerning. I think maybe having a tween in the house amplifies that. Yesterday Rosie told me I was not allowed to hug her in public anymore. I am too embarrasing.

The court-ordered mediation is just a thing for the state to save money by attempting to get as many cases to settle as possible. It does not HAVE to be settled. So since I am dealing with a crazy person, with a lawyer who either has no idea what he's doing or knows for sure we have an airtight case and is stalling/being dramatic/going fourth down and punt I doubt there will be any settlement. What is most likely is the lawyer did not read up on the applicable laws until this week or weekend, figured out they are mostly screwed, and the landlord didn't give him all the relevant info that ensures they are TOTALLY screwed. Yet the lawyer probably promised landlord he could make it go away or reduce what he owed, not knowing the full extent of the law and what a crazy ashat he is dealing with. The landlord or ME.

So we will go in, show the mediator how crazy landlord is, cite the airtight evidence that seals landlord's doom, and the landlord will probably STILL want to go to trial because he's crazy and think not only will he not have to pay, but he will get us to pay the lawyers fees. Which is also not legal in this matter either, LOL. And the mediator is not allowed to act like a judge and tell landlord he's got a losing battle on his hands, he can only facilitate settlements and provide documentation to the future judge about how cooperative either of us was.

It's a stupid long drawn out mess, but we will prevail. It will probably take us another two months to get our money, but we will get it.
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