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Re: How to Help Family with Deaf Infant

Originally Posted by mama2tommy View Post
The problem we ran into with homeschool or private school is that we wouldn't get assistance from the public school system for therapies, equipment or accommodations. So we were sure to move into an excellent school district. The school system basically accepts state & county funding to pay for private preschool (since there is no better option within the school system), & they pay for transportation. Then we will mainstream into the public school system at kindy. If he proves that he doesn't need much, then we'll have more options...but if he does, at least he will be provided for without putting us into the poor house!
With homeschooling the public school system is still required to provide services such as therapy to any qualified child in the school district. So if they chose to homeschool they could still get speech therapy or whatever at the local school. Although he is on Medicare so he could get services through the local clinic as well.
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