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Re: When does the weightloss kick in?

Originally Posted by Kätzchen View Post
Do you mean fat or nutrients? You don't have to eat unhealthily and gain weight to make milk. That is absolutely silly. The rest of the world where obesity rate are much, much lower also have higher and more successful breastfeeding rates. It's not just calories, it's a lot about what you are eating.
No, not eat unhealthily and *gain* weight. :-/ who said anything of the sort?

But I've certainly noticed big drops in my supply...over my last 11 years of almost nonstop pregnancy and/or nursing... When/if I've *LOST* weight while nursing, which is what the op asked about. I'm certainly not advocating gaining weight and eating carelessly. I'm just saying that my years of successful breast feeding with 5 happy healthy kiddos has shown me that losing weight doesn't happen easily or naturally for some of us, and that it can even diminish our supply to a state of constant wondering, "am I making enough?" I'm typically a well-supplied gal... So for me to start to worry about supply is a BIG deal.
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