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Re: how/when did you find out your LO had a serious nut allergy

By 3 weeks I noticed my dd's stools were very mucus-like and had no "seeds". Our ped. tested her stool for blood (microscopic) and had a "very positive" result. I was advised to cut everything out of my diet (I am ebf) which included milk, wheat (flour), eggs, soy and all nuts. We went to a ped. GI specialist that had me slowly (over several months)reintroduce the foods into my diet and keep testing her stools for blood with those fecal blood test kits that they usually use to detect colon cancer. The nuts seemed to be the culprit. So no nuts for me! I do miss them but am relieved to be able to eat the other "allergens" again. With the strict diet I ended up weighing 8 pounds LESS than my pre-preg weight in three and a half months after delivery. I'm still not sure if it's an allergy or just a sensitivity yet.
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