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Re: Mitch and Heidi----

I'm sorry I didn't get here to see this earlier, but it sounds like a pretty good day all around. Jacque and Faith, I hope your second days are great!

We actually started our school year back up a few weeks ago with just the basics and have been slowly adding subjects - today was our first day covering everything (for Tyler, at least - grammar, writing, reading, math, history, geology, logic, Spanish, and art; Ryan and James have been doing everything since we started the school year, but I only plan 30-60 minutes a day for them).

I can't complain about our day at all, but I rather expected it to go well - the only thing that was completely new to us was our new history program, and Tyler's so in love with history in general that I don't think I could find a history program that he wouldn't enjoy even if I tried. I was surprised at how little time was involved on my part today, too. We've been working for a while at getting him to work independently (he's a SIXTH grader this year - I can't believe that!) and he got everything on his list of things that he could do without help accomplished before I even got as far as telling him to get started. The few things I'd had him wait for me to do only took a total of maybe 40 minutes. I hope his motivated morning continues to be the pattern for the rest of our year!

Originally Posted by Jaxence View Post
You just described DS...He only recently wanted anything to do with his ABC's though he's been counting since he learned how to talk...It just frustrated him and he would shut down, so I didn't force it and waited til he had more interest while keeping letters posted on the board and trying new things once in awhile...Now he's excited, and like everything with him it finally clicked...DD on the other hand will probably pick up most of what I teach DS this year just because she learns so differently than he does...She's the type that learns by repetition so I figure it can't hurt to let her tag along...
This is my little ones, too. Ryan wanted very little to do with anything school-related until recently, but James is in my face fifty times a day asking to do some schoolwork. I don't do a whole lot of workbook time, but have had to find some for James just to keep him happy. He's currently in love with the preschool Handwriting Without Tears book, and I've been cheating and copying pages out of it rather than letting him write in it, because he wants to do each one over and over.

About three "paper" things per day is all Ryan can handle, though. I think it's in part because he has limited motion of his right eye, so he has double vision a lot - he's really struggled with writing, drawing, etc. until recently, and still complains of a headache if he works at that sort of thing for too long). Today, he had two pages from his Explode the Code book and one page reviewing how to write numbers 1-12 and he was definitely DONE with the paperwork. We do a lot of reading together, making up and singing songs, math manipulatives and games, etc., instead.

They've been working on learning our phone number and address, so we've made up songs for both of those that we've been singing every day, and today we also worked with geoboards and pattern blocks, played dominoes, and read a couple of books about fruits and vegetables. We also needed to make a trip to the bookstore/teacher supply store for the last few supplies Ryan and Tyler will need for their first day at their enrichment program, and I didn't think I was ever going to get the little boys back out of the store - they spent over an hour going up and down all of the school aisles. The posters were particularly enticing - they spent ages identifying the letters and numbers on an entire aisle of them. Hooray for unintended "school time" without any work from me!
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