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Re: Mitch and Heidi----

Originally Posted by Jaxence View Post
Wow Mitch...i was intimidated by one in kindergarten, but I can see you have 3 well in hand...And one in sixth grade...WOW...That is more than impressive to my nubishness...And all those subjects at once...Wow...
In our state we are required by law to teach a kindergartner 2 full hours, by 2nd grade they want us teaching a minimum of 4 hours a day...960 hours in a year...seems a little extreme to me since I went through every subject yesterday in 30-45 min total...
But all you have to do is give the state written notice that you are homeschooling. You aren't required to keep records or test or anything like that. I count the time the girls are learning--which is usually more NON-workbook time than workbook time. Reading & experimenting & teaching them about the garden, etc. It's not 4 hours a day, just the same amount of time total as school kids--and kids in K in school spend half their day in recess, per the local schedule. They do need 180 school days, but we do half unschooling so we are always doing SOME school/learning every day.
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