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Help me win please?

If anyone here is inclined to be in the mood to help another mom win... then you have come to the right place. I recently had a little scare and spent a morning in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. Thankfully, it was just a very severe panic attack and costochondritis. But, needless to say, very scary for me and all involved.

That brings me to my "Help me win please" request. I entered a contest through a Christian radio station to win a 1/2 spa day. All you must do is register your name or log in through your facebook account, and vote for me. I will supply the link and if you click on search and type in Chest Pain, you will find my picture. Then you can vote for me. The most votes will win. I would very much appreciate it and I could totally use some relaxation since the doctor told me that there really isn't much they can do for either the costochondritis or the panic attacks other than to get me to "chill out" which means to RELAX.

So this would be a big help.

Here is the link:

Normally I don't do this kind of thing... but I could REALLY use this. I asked my family to do this for me and my own father refused me. He said he wasn't going to sign up for a FB account or register for an account to vote for me because he didn't want to get useless junk in his email. So will YOU all please help me?
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