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Re: High risk VBA2C anyone?

Have you read "real food for mother and baby?" I would focus on some dietary changes if you haven't already, that might help with the liver function during pregnancy. I don't know what your diet is like, obviously, but it can be very helpful to avoid GMOs, eat only whole real foods, no artificial sweeteners and judicious use of natural sweeteners. Nutritious foods like egg yolks, shellfish, liver and other organ meats, full-fat, grass-fed dairy, and pastured meats can help to build up your nutrient stores and have everything functioning as well as possible BEFORE pregnancy to make the next pregnancy lower-risk.
If you have to be induced, a VBAMC is much riskier, and really not advised. So I would focus on getting as healthy as possible before the next pregnancy and see what develops before thinking about a VBAC, personally.
Here is a great article about pre-conception and pregnancy nutrition.
I had a mild version of PUPPPS during my first pregnancy, but nothing the second time around. I had changed my diet quite a lot, and I think that this helped a lot. My second pregnancy was easier than the first. Also my placenta looked a lot better the second time, even though he was born a week "overdue". My midwife said that nutrition plays a huge role in keeping the placenta healthy and functioning properly.
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