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Re: High risk VBA2C anyone?

In both my pregnancies, my pelvis was not ready for delivery prior to 38 weeks. It went from being super narrow to cavernous, but if I'd had to deliver early via induction, I think my chances of a vaginal delivery would have been pretty slim. I know you weren't really asking for opinions, but your story jumped out at me because I've had a VBAC (so obviously I understand the desire to do so) and also had to weigh some health problems (though very mild in comparison to yours) into my decision (I have a condition of dysautonomia that can cause dizziness, dehydration, adrenal surges, etc.). I also had a friend who had ICP and delivered a healthy baby this summer (c/s after failed induction) so I researched it a little at the time. She was delivering with the same midwife (and very pro-VBAC practice) as I did, so I knew they weren't pushing her into having a c/s or anything. She's the one who finally made the call after 36 hours of labor.

So anyway, all this is to say that in your case, I would probably go for the repeat c/s if that is what your doctors feel is best since you are at increased risk of hemorrhaging and uterine rupture on top of the ICP. I am the first one to say that I think there are a lot of unnecessary c-sections out there - I feel that mine was one. But in your case it sounds like you have a whole bunch of risk factors to consider.

Hugs, mama. I do understand how daunting it is to make this decision.

ETA: And also, there's the issue of you needing an early delivery and the reluctance of even VBAC friendly practitioners to induce. I think an OB would be wary of using pitocin at 37 weeks on a VBA2C patient with an already increased risk of rupture and hemorrhage. I don't know the statistics, but I'm guessing the "soft induction" methods (I made that term up, ha) like the foley bulb would be less likely to work at 37w. Maybe somebody else with more knowledge can weigh in. I have another friend who tried for a VBAC (induced at 41+ with the foley bulb) and it failed. In my limited experience, it seems like if you can't go into labor naturally, you're looking at longer odds.
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