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Re: How do/did you let go of your LO? Childcare....

Originally Posted by Mrs_Brady View Post
I don't really have an answer. BUT, in your case, a center may fit your needs better. Lots of staff, lots of people, meaning abuse and such is very unlikely to occur without being seen. But as far as bumps and bruises when you aren't around..things will happen. Things that are nobody's fault. For instance, my dd got hit in the head by a toy when an older child threw it. She got a pretty good knot from it. But he was a toddler, he didn't mean to hurt her, and she just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, kwim? But individual caretakers make me nervous, because there's nobody watching over them, and nobody to hold them accountable.
This is why we wanted a center. I didn't like the idea of a baby being in a stranger's home with only one adult around. While the odds of abuse or mistreatment are low in any licensed daycare setting, I felt more comfortable with having multiple adults present.

A center does not mean that abuse or mistreatment is impossible; a friend pulled her daughter from a center when they were informed via a note in the cubby that the lead teacher in the room had been fired and the center was being investigated by the state because this teacher had been physically disciplining infants. Apparently many other teachers knew this teacher spanked babies but no one reported it until a new teacher saw it and was horrified - she immediately called the state (and good for her!). My friend rightfully refused to leave her daughter there after that, and cobbled together care for a month or so until their baby could start at the center that our baby attends.

My motto is trust, but verify. I find time to make occasional unannounced visits. I have never seen or heard anything on these visits that gives me cause for concern. We also carefully selected our center; it has a homelike environment with low teacher turnover, unlike several of the large chain/franchise daycares that we visited.

My brother and I were both in daycare as children and certainly suffered no ill effect, so the thought of putting our kid(s) in daycare didn't bother me. It's not like we have a choice; we both have to work and we don't have a family member who could take care of our baby. If she needs me, they call immediately and she has so much fun and is definitely learning new things, even at only 9 months old.
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