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Re: K-12 highschool

Hi there!

I don't use a cyber school but I do have some friends who use them and I also go to their info sessions. I know a few materials from K12 also.

Like others have said you may love it or you may hate it or some where in between. It depends on the cyber, their requirements and what kind of student you have. I personally don't use a cyber because I know I would struggle w/ their demands. Others LOVE accountability and love all of the resources they get from the cyber. They provide you w/ all the materials and lots of support. They are also pretty good for advanced students allowing them to move up (from what I heard).

My suggestion is to go to their info sessions and to try to meet up w/ parents who use this particular cyber in your area. Try to see if it can work for your family. Don't worry about your DD not liking it because if you decide it isn't a good fit you can withdraw and go back to what you were doing.

Best wishes and keep us posted!
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