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This is our first month TTC #2 *Possible TMI*

Hey ladies!
I read the threads on this forum a lot, but haven't wanted to post as we weren't TTC yet. I've been wanting to for just over a year, but it took me that long to convince DH. Now that he's on board I'm just so excited! We're not telling anyone IRL, probably until the second trimester.
So I don't chart, but I sort of pay attention to my mucus throughout the month and try to remember what day I started my period and look at lunar fertility charts online. My cycle returned when DS was 8 months, that was 13 months ago now. After it finally regulated I have noticed that I tend to ovulate early, like day 10-11 of my 30-33 day cycle.
I can't remember if I started this cycle 3/21 or 3/22, but it was one of hose. Yesterday I saw EWCM. That would have been Day 9 or 10. We DTD last night (and I plan to seduce hubby tonight for good measure haha) and I can't wait to POAS!!!!!!!
I'm hoping that we don't have trouble conceiving. It took 2 cycles with DS but I feel like my body needed that first cycle to regular after I stopped taking the pill in July 2010 (LMP with DS was 8/25/10). Cross your fingers for me ladies! Even though I haven't commented on your threads,please know that your struggles are in my thoughts, and I pray for your rainbow babies
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