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Re: looking for dha/ara free formula

so than, have you mamas found that your babies digest the non-dha &ara better? a little backround (not to highjack) but DS was constipated and we switched to goodstart the orange can with dha & ara with wonderful results. DH was sent out to pick up some formula and came home with the purple can of goodstart non dha & ara and of course he threw out his receipt (why would we return formula he said LOL) I guess the purple was cheaper and he didn't really see a difference. I am nervous to try anything different, I don't want to mess up ds's little tummy after we finally just got it right.I also hate to be stuck with 4 cans of formula I can't use KWIM? What do you mamas think? Do you tihnk it will give him troubles if I try it?
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