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Re: Overwhelming at first

don't forget for free unit studies.

Learn how your child learns. Does she like her books in black/white so she can color? Do colored pages distract her or engage her? Does she enjoy drilling a concept until it is dead, or does she prefer learning a little at a time? Is it hard to make her do math drills? What type of curriculum do you want (classical, traditional school at home, unit studies, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, unschooling)? There are so many ways to homeschool, and none of them are wrong, they just don't fit all kids and families the same.

I'm a big fan theoretically of Waldorf style, but it doesn't challenge my daughter. She loves unit studies, technology, hands on learning. She likes black and white pages that she can color. She likes to learn each concept in 3-4 different ways before we move on. So we do a movie or online activity, a single worksheet, an activity and a story to go with each concept. It is a lot of jumping around, but she loves it. She stays engaged, interested and no fighting.

The whole point of that is, get to know your child. Find out what classes she likes and why. Chances are she doesn't like math because she is good at it. She likes math because the way she is learning it is engaging. If she tells you she likes math, find out how they're learning it. Does she have to do a ton of drills and she enjoys it? Then choose a program that has lots of drilling. If she hates science, find out how they're doing things. Does she need more hands on, less hands on, etc.
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