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Re: Peeing through wool- recommendations?

Originally Posted by Nanner99 View Post
Wow, well I am already using premium prefolds on my 2 mos old. We don't really do fitteds, and the premium gives him a big butt already. Also, the diaper is not soaked all the way when this happens. Yesterdays incident happened after he'd been in the dipe for 30 min.
Today he soaked through my recycled wool cover with an infant and preemie prefold on. But, that could be my fault, as it was a homemade soaker
Oh well, I think I will just not take him out in wool anymore. Now I am afraid to spend the money for knit longies for him.
Perhaps it is b/c he pees so much so fast all at once, while my 18 mos old is more of a dribbler
Could it be that your prefolds are not yet full absorbent? I know when I bought mine I had to wash them like 20 times to get my current awesome level of absorbency, or is that only with organics?
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