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Re: Well fudge!

I passed the one hour with my son - but I kind of knew it was coming this time. LOL I wonder if the chocolate shake the night before and the waffles and syrup that morning helped any!! I NEVER have sweet stuff for breakfast (well, that sweet) so I think that might have thrown it off. I dunno...that's why I was thinking I'd pass the three hour, but then again I've been really thirsty and with multiple gestation it wouldn't surprise me if I failed the 3 hour, too. I wonder if the fact that I'm slightly heavier this pregnancy (well, before pregnancy I was about 20 lbs. heavier than before my first pregnancy) would add to it any.... I don't know much about it in general.
I always give them my left inner elbow first (easiest vein to find on me). I'm really pasty and I can see my veins, but apparently they're hard to find with a needle - people always seem to have trouble with mine. LOL, at least DH will be there. He doesn't have to see it, but he hates needles, LOL, he can just imagine the fun from the waiting room.
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