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Re: Well fudge!

Yeah, no - no sugary stuff before this one! I have to fast for 12 hours before the test. So from around 8:45 the night before I can't eat anything. I'm having the 3 hour done on this coming monday - so 6/12. LOL, I'm hungry a lot - they're gonna have one cranky pregnant lady in there, LOL. At least I have an ultrasound during it and I can see the girls while I'm doing it - maybe it will make it seem better, LOL. I think I'll have a feeling while taking the test or they're pulling my blood - I did this time anyway. I'm actually surprised they waited this long to test me. I was supposed to be 28 weeks when I took the GTT, but I was just barely 27. I just guess with multiple gestation I thought they would do it sooner. In any case, even if I do fail this one I won't be pregnant for all that long compared to some others (with how long they waited to test and doubting I'll get to 40 wks).
LOL, I'll try and refrain from my choclate shake the night before, too!
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