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Re: Your kids Favorite Christmas Gifts... Any Shockers?

DD (8yo) got an original, hand-me-down DS that she loves. She only plays with it for 10 minutes at a time though. Her new My Little Ponies are what seems to be keeping her attention. I expected her to like them though.

DS1 (5yo) loves his Magnatiles. They were his favorite toy in preschool so it's not a shock. What is surprising the the amount of time he's spent building with them.

DS2 (3yo) loves his Plan Toys pirate ship from my dad. I thought he'd like it but the kid is in love. His favorite toy from DH and me is the magnetic fishing puzzle and DD's ponies.

DH was very happy with his marble cheese slicer. He's wanted one for awhile and I was able to keep it a secret, never been able to do that before.

My most unexpected gift was from DH. He bought me a new microwave, our old one had broken months ago.

Everything was well thought out. And no one bought stuff for the kids that they won't play with.
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