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Re: Pain in the ... muscle?

i started having problems with that at 3.5 months with my second, to the point that i couldn't even walk at night. it was horrible. this time around it's not AS bad, it kills me at night but i can still somewhat walk at night at 27 weeks lol. i've found as long as i get enough sleep it's not as bad and sometimes non-exsistent (pain wise) in the a.m. but the trick is actually getting that sleep when your hips are killing you. good luck mama!
a good ice massage gives some relief. buy some plastic cups and freeze water in them then have your hubby get the huge ice block outta the cup, wrap a cloth around it for his hands sake and just rub it in circles on your lower back. also get a slim maternity belt and wrap it TIGHT around the lower part of your hips for short periods at a time, this helps SOME.
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