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Originally Posted by togg_mama View Post
when I was growing up, unless it was a life and death issue, the tattler got double whatever they were hoping their victim would get.
no kidding!!! I do that with my kids and the neighborhood kids learned very recently that I don't tolerate tattling. My oldest did something to a kid (trust me, after MUCH provoking from the other kid so the other kid was just utterly SHOCKED that my DD finally did something- and it wasn't even harmful) and I had a group come to tattle on her. Well, when the dust finally settled, one of them pipes up with "So what's going to happen to her (my DD)?" and I just laughed. Lots of eyebrows shot up with "Nothing, she already apologized. The question I have for you is what will I do with all of YOU for tattling on her, wasting MY time from running MY household because YOU are angry that she did something to you because after her telling you four times to stop what you were doing, she finally grabbed your arm to tell you forcefully to stop. Sounds like to me you should have listened.... OH! And it was over stupid pine straw! We live with pine trees for miles, go find another tree and start solving your own problems! Unless a bone is broken or someone is bleeding, don't bother me with this trivial junk again, ya understand?" And I walked in the house, leaving six girls just standing there with their mouth open on the ground.

Yeup.. .I don't put up with tattling.
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