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I am so glad to see that shes normal (which I knew ) but its still drives me INSANE...and my parents were the same way, unless someone was doing something to danger theirselves or others do NOT come telling on them. which is why I told her if she tells 1 more time she has to lay down when the other 2 take a nap....

We are working on potty training ds (not pushing it but if he fights his diaper I let him run for a bit) well last week he got up and had to pee, so he went running for his bathroom (our main bathroom but dh and I don't usually use it, we use the 1 in our room) and the 6yr odl was in there, WELL ds peed on the floor and than went to play and accidentally peed on the floor a 2nd timeand she told me that I NEED to put him in time out....than he did something else and she told me that HE NEEDED time out...Im the MOM and the sitter not you
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