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Re: how do you lay a baby down w/o them waking up?

dd does okay with's bedtime that is sending me to the looney bin!

She will nurse to sleep (which I think is my main problem) and then I wait a few minutes to plop me out of her mouth...then a few minutes to move upstairs to her room. As soon as I get to her room she has a switch in side her that tells her to wake up and scream bloody murder. I swear it sounds like she is getting her limbs pulled out!

We start bed time at 7pm...she will nurse...I will move to get her to bed around 8pm...she's wide awake until 11pm screaming unless I nurse her back to sleep and try it all over again...but then she won't be hungry and will start biting me ullhair:

She also refuses, and I mean REFUSES, to take a paci. we have tried every different kind and nothing will work!

I hope something changes soon!
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