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I'm almost 24 weeks. This is insane, and ridiculous.

i will be 24 weeks this coming wednesday. i am so uncomfortable, it's unreal. i feel SO heavy in the front. i am also extremely sore in the back. my lower back kills me so bad that it really takes me a minute to get up, and even then when i am standing, i already waddle. my lower back, right at the top of my buttcrack (maybe a little higher) HURTS. my hips are killing me. i also have pubic symphasis, or whatever. but that's not bad every day, just sometimes. i feel SO tight in the front, like someone is pulling my skin super tight, and there is lots of pressure in the front, like... if i walk for too long, i feel like my vagina is BULGING. it's the weirdest feeling. there's obviously nothing there when i check but it sucks. i hate being this uncomfortable this early. isn't is too early for all of this?! i asked this the other day and a lot of people said no. i just hate that the baby is only 1.5 lbs or so right now and i am already THIS miserable. anyone got any advice/ideas?
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