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Re: wanting to give up... help!

She may be having a bottle preference at this point as it's so much easier to get milk from a bottle (since it basically just flows out). She has to work at the breast to get milk out, so that could be frustrating her when she's used to the milk flowing freely out of the bottle.

This is also prime time for distraction. DD is 8 months old and the ONLY place we can nurse successfully at is in my bedroom, lights off, and in a big, comfy recliner. That part does get better within a couple months.

However, my DD is also a VERY fast and efficient nurser. Our average nursing session during the day is anywhere from 2-4 minutes. She can stimulate my let down quickly and after that, she's good to go. Night time is more relaxed and she'll take a bit longer, though, since we're both calm and relaxed.

I say to just relax, Mama. You are doing an amazing job! But, I also recommend checking your bottle nipples and making sure you only have stage 1/newborn flow. If not, go get some asap so that she has to start working for that milk again!
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