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Re: My FS0T checklist for Buyers & Sellers esp. Newbies...Wanna Help?

how about size? I see SOO many posts for say, thirsties covers for example, but there won't be a sized listed - then the seller complains they got all these emails and no bites - well no crap, not everyone is looking for an XL cover
thats one that really irritates me.

and wool - the approximate size clothing your kid wore while in that piece speaks VOLUMES!!! also - how much stretch it has, some things I buy big on purpose and then they're extra stretchy so they'll never fit (at least not for a year) others I buy her exact size and then it has no stretch to pull the thing over her fitteds! grrr.....

(by the way, some stretch issues can be fixed - I got a pair of seriously felted scrappies to try to revive for a night time cover and a conditioner soak brought some stretch back)
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