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Re: Share your unusual name suggestions, please!

Shalev for a boy
Shalva/h for a girl

The name means "tranquility" in Hebrew. One of my twins middle names is Shalva.

Another is Neveh (nah-vay), for either a boy or girl. It means "oasis" in Hebrew.

Gavriel - Hebrew form of Gabriel

Raviv- (rah-veev) for a boy, means "rain"

Nadiv- (nah-deev) for a boy, means "generous"

Zahava- for a girl, means "gold"

Tovya for a girl, or Toviel for a boy, means "G-d is good", but starts with T.

Yaniv (yah-neev) for a boy (dh's name), means "will produce, or bring forth"

Kohava means "her star"

Savion the name of a flower, like a daisy.

Sheyva means "seven"

Ziva (zee-vah) means "brilliant" (shining), or Zivya

Meirav - Daughter of King Saul

Nava "beautiful"
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