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Re: What age did your DS PT?

My closest friends and I together have 25 boys all together . All of ours are home with mom all day so there's been no school or daycare provider to help PT. I would say the average age for all the boys for #1 trained during day and naps is 2y8m-2y10m. #2 can take as long as 6-8 months later but usually more like 1-3 more months. Overnight dryness seems to very widely.

My DS1 and DS3 both did day and night training at the same time at 2y10m. DS2 did day trained at 3y2m but took until almost 4 for no poop accidents and early morning wetting.

Schools of thinking about PTing vary widely. We tend to wait until 2y6m at the earliest in our circle, following a readiness checklist, because once the signs of readiness are there, we can PT to 100% accident free in 3 days (many children take awhile to be comfortable pooping on the potty though). We've had a great deal of success with this. My neighbor started PTing her boys at 18m and it was perpetual accidents and frustration until nearly 3. We just choose to wait and then its easy peasy.
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