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I'm not greedy, just really bummed (just venting)

Since this is baby #2, I wasn't thinking or expecting a shower until a couple friends asked if they could throw one for me. I thought that was really sweet of them and got all excited about seeing friends who live out of town. We only get to see each other once in a blue moon, so any excuse to see them is a ok w/ me. I explained that we really don't need anything, so if people just want to come for food and getting together I'm cool with that. The friends who asked to throw the party asked me to make a registery, so I did one on Amazon because it also enters me in a chance to win $500 in gift cards.

Well, I guess the shower is off. I only put cloth diapers on it, because we don't really need anything, but those are things that would get a lot of use. Apparently that makes me greedy and I don't deserve a shower now. I asked if we could just have a get together, no gifts, I'll pay for the food/drinks. I just really, really want to see my friends. No one wants to drive that far just to hang out It's nice to know where I stand with my "friends". Before my friends offered to host a shower, I was thinking of having a "meet the baby" party. Just some food/drinks and let everyone hold the baby-nothing fancy, but I guess there's no point in doing that now either.

I'm really bummed out about this. Maybe that does make me greedy. I just thought my friends where people who I could count on for moral support. Apparently they'll be there for me, as long as it doesn't require more effort than responding to a post on Facebook. These are people I've known for decades, and maybe I'm expecting to much of them, but I thought I had better taste in friends. Then again I'm probably being overly hormonal and taking it to personally.
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