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Please delete! All sold :)

These where bought used and are showing wear. They all have stains, holes through the top layer of cotton at the legs and where the soakers attatch. 1 of them has a small hole where the soaker attaches that goes through both layers of cotton. All of them have relaxing elastics but I had no problem using them on both my 2 month old and 2 yr old. All snaps and PUL work great. $30ppd for all 4(2 butternut, 1 grasshopper, and 1 white)

Example of holes:

all sold!
Zinnia (dark pink) - aplix on front is very fuzzy but still sticky and laundry tabs work fine. The tabs are just starting to slightly curl at the tip. Stretchy tabs are pilly and suedecloth shows normal wash wear - $6ppd

Blossom (light pink) - this one has the newer 4.0 aplix. slight pilling on the stretchy tabs and suedecloth shows normal wash wear - $12ppd

Moonbeam (dark blue)*second* has 4.0 aplix, pilling on the stretchy tabs and suedecloth shows wash wear - Sold

Twilight (light blue) *second* pills on the stretchy tabs and suedecloth shows wash wear - Sold

Ribbit (dark green) *second* pilling on the stretchy tabs and suedecloth shows wash wear. EBF staining on inner. Sold

Albert (print) some of the inside layers of the bottom soaker weren't attached in one corner and have rolled down so it has a bump. This is on the bottom soaker that is against the diaper not babies so doesn't affect anything also very very light staining Sold
Sassy (orange/red) couple of tiny stains -Sold

All sold or keeping I bought all of these new between 2 and 3 months ago. The girly colors were only used a handful of times each. The boyish and g/n colors were used in a very large rotation (100+ diapers) for the 2-3 months. I detatched the soakers of all of them so that they would be quick dry. All snaps, elastic and PUL are in great working order on all of them. None of these have any holes. I will note any stains or issues below.
Lovelace (print) very small faint ebf stain -sold

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