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In CA they pay for homebirth if your midwife wants to accept Medicaid. They also cover a birth center birth as well. I refused certain things at the hospital and there was no question about payment. Some states may have rules about that stuff but with Medicaid they usually bill monthly rather than globally because one month a mom might have coverage and another she doesn't. They checked eligibility every month at my office so I would assume they bill monthly or it wouldn't matter?
Anyway, I would think you'd probably have to go in and be checked out and such to make it actually look like an accident. Most people planning a hospital birth and having an accidental HB wouldn't just say "oh well, we'll just stay home!" They usually call 911 in a panic, or deliver on the side of the road ya know? I would look into birth centers, home birth MW's and such who may be covered but I would "pretend" it was an accident if it was on purpose. You may have a hard time getting a birth certificate.
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