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Re: If you're pro-vax or delay/selectively vax

FWIW, dh (he's a board certified Ped, an on July 1 he's a full fledged neonatologist) hates the Dr Sears vaccine book. He says it's biased, inaccurate, and he really hates his schedule, because Dr Sears advocates for the kids going in for shots all the time. Dh has more to say about Dr Sears, and none of it is flattering.

Do you have a medical school near you? That's where I learned about how the immune system works, from dh's immunology text book. Once you learn about how the immune system works, you really learn a lot about how vaccines work, as well. And it's the main reason I got out of the anti-vax woo. The stuff I read on anti-vax sites about the immune system was really wrong, and in a lot of cases, just bizarre.

I know you said you didn't want to read the CDC, but they have a lot of great info, and IIRC they have references for you to look up.

Honestly, though, you will probably have to stay off the internets and go to actual paper sources, journals, medical school books, and so on. You can try Pub Med, but one study does not standard of care make, KWIM?

A little info about Dr Bob, and why he's really anti-vax:
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