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Re: Pacifiers

The general recommendation is to not introduce artificial nipples until 6 weeks. The thing about nipple confusion is, you never know which baby will be affected by it.

Some babies latch right on and nurse with no issues; other babies need time and repositioning, and it can require so much more effort for mom. I think it's wise to wait until your baby can pop right on and nurse with no struggle or causing any pain -- whether that's 3 days or 7 weeks. If t 6 weeks a baby is still having issues latching on, or mom is having any pain -- that baby is still not ready for another nipplem kwim? So I don't exactly agree with the 6 week-thing -- it is so much more about watching the baby, just like many of the other milestones are when it comes to specific ages (starting solids at 6 months, etc.). All babies are different, they aren't just one-size-fits-all machines that can follow recommended guidelines .
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