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Re: Why homeschooling?

Soo many reasons. I didn't realize how much better an option was to HS (for us) until after ds went to prek for a year.

Some of our reasons.
School for ds was too demanding for too little academic benefit. At home there is way less stress on his and requirements of him.
If something doesn't work for us, we don't have to do it, or can do it a different way. He has time to play and be a kid.
We can approach learning in a way that is fun for him, not stressful.
We can move at his pace, and therefore he can excel in the areas he excels in naturally. If he needs a break he can take one. If we want to spend a week at the beach in the middle of the school year we can.

Etc. In a lot of ways you don't know all the ways HSing will be good for you and your kids until you are doing it.
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