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Re: Why homeschooling?

A lot of reasons.

1. My DH was home schooled K-12 so it's something he's always considered doing with his own kids.
2. DH is military and I'd much rather homeschool than have my children jump from school to school every 2-4 years.
3. I was public schooled and it was a terrible environment. There are probably great schools out there but I had a truly awful experience. I want to spare my kids from the things I saw in public school for as long as I can.
4. Freedom from the rigid schedules and testing that happens in schools. We are still very structured (or will be, we're only in Pre K 3 currently) but the stuck in classrooms for 8 hours a day with maybe an hour of recess and to be social, no thanks. Gasp, did I just say it's hard to be social in public school?! Why yes I did. It's much easier for a home schooler to get out and be social than a child who is sitting at a desk with a teacher telling them to stop talking all day long.
5. Freedom to choose what and how my kids learn.
6. Just to be able to spend the majority of my children's days with them.
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