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Re: B&B labor formula

I can't comment on the formula, but I'll be watching with interest. I have a friend who has needed pitocin with every one of her babies too, and she would love to avoid it!

Out of curiousity, in other reading I've done, it's often been suggested that there's something holding the mother back if she doesn't dilate. She doesn't feel safe, she's afraid, she's worried/uptight/anxious, there's a person caring for her that she's not comfortable with, etc. Is it possible that that could have happened at least with some of your earlier deliveries, and left you with the feeling that you won't dilate, which could be stopping you from progressing?
Just trying to reconcile what I've read with what you're experiencing. Check out Ina May's book (Ina May's Guide to Childbirth) for her thoughts on that. I know that when I've been anxious about something, it has stopped my labour (baby #3) or kept me from really starting labour (baby #6). It wasn't until I worked through the head issues that I could really progress.
Anyways, like I said, I'll be watching with interest to see what others have to say about that formula.
All the best for a great natural birth this time around!
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