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Welcome to the "let's be real" meeting I'm having with my yarn! Minimal time to knit plus an overwhelming desire to reduce the amount of "stuff" I have leads to the great destash of 2012. There will definitely be more coming, as time permits!

Purewool! $9ppd per skein

"Happy Rose" 3ply ALL SOLD.

another pic

"Chocolate" 3ply 4 skeins available

Undyed 3 ply 2 skeins available BOTH SOLD

Undyed single ply 3 skeins available ALL SOLD!

Mosaic Moon "Rising of the Moon" on MCN aran. 4 skeins colorway, and I have 10 oz trim total. 6 oz of the teal and 4 oz of the dark blue. I will be splitting these, however, as I am keeping a couple skeins of the color way for myself (not pictured). 2 oz trim can be added for $10. I'll sell the 4 skeins of color way for $85ppd. Or will split and sell each skein for $22ppd.

Mosaic Moon "Golden Compass w/Grey" on MMR. 1 skein colorway $22ppd $20ppd

Family Pendragon "Impressionist's Rainbow, no purple" on MCN DK. 2 skeins pictured, but I actually have 3 skeins of this. $58ppd for 3 or 21ppd each. $50 for all three or $19ppd each

Fairyblue "Train" on Hermes 3 ply BBR. 4 skeins colorway, 2 2oz skeins trim. I will split this if wanted. $95ppd for all or $52ppd for 2 skeins colorway and 2 oz trim. $90ppd for all or $48ppd for 2 skeins colorway and 2 oz trim

Mosaic Moon "Aslan" on Gaia Bulky. 1 skein colorway, 1 skein trim. $43ppd $41ppd

Please PM for quickest response. I'm not great at checking threads or bumping regularly.

All yarn comes from a non-smoking, dog-friendly home. It has been stored in Ziploc bags in plastic bins. Prices include shipping to the US only. I will ship to the address that is affiliated with your PayPal address so please make sure it is correct. If there is any problem with the address I will refund. Thanks!

-------------------------SOLD BELOW THIS LINE--------------------------------

Mosaic Moon "Guinevere" on MMR. 2 skeins colorway, 1 full skein turquoise trim. $63ppd SOLD

Mosaic Moon "Morning Dew" on Gaia worsted. 2 skeins colorway. $42ppd SOLD

Mosaic Moon "Elements" on MMR. 2 skeins colorway, $43ppd SOLD

Mosaic Moon "Malayan Orchid" on MMR. 2 skeins colorway, 1 heavy full skein of trim. Tag on trim says there are two knots. $63ppd SOLD

Bear and Pants "All the Pretty Little Horses" on MCN aran. 2 skeins colorway, 1 full skein trim. $70ppd SOLD

Mosaic Moon "Jacob's Ladder" on single ply Uruguayan Merino. 1 skein colorway, .8oz trim. $23ppd

GONE DiscoBaby Knits "Haunted" on Groove Thing Organic Merino (Gaia worsted). 3 skeins colorway. $22ppd each or $62ppd for all 3. 2 SOLD, keeping the third.

Laines Magnifiques "Playtime" on Eternal Merino. Pretty sure this is Cestari Superfine. 1 skein colorway $21ppd

Mosaic Moon "Woodland Friends" on BFL. 2 skeins colorway, 1/2 skein trim $54ppd $51ppd SOLD

Western Sky Knits "Logan" on BFL. 1 skein colorway, 2 oz trim. $35ppd $32ppd SOLD

ALL SOLD Saffron, Mountain Laurel

Iron weed 1 available SOLD

Mosaic Moon "Coastal Sunset" on Gaia Worsted. 1 skein colorway $22ppd $20ppd SOLD

Lavender 1 skein available SOLD

Dahlia red 2 skeins available ONLY 1 AVAILABLE ALL SOLD

Bluet Only sold

All sold. 8oz skein of Cestari fine natural $22ppd per 8 oz. $20ppd per 8 oz

I'm Melissa, married to my soulmate, S and mama to my girls:
8 year old K and 3 year old, A
and my new little BOY! Baby W arrived 4/29/12
Most likely nak!

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