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Originally Posted by jc12551

The hospital doesn't "give" anything. Some people (like me) who either have to pay a lot out of pocket or don't have insurance prefer to not use the overpriced items at the hospital. $35 for a pack of pads I can get for less than $5 at walmart is an example from my last birth. Some people (like me) also have sensitivities to certain dyes/fragrances and have to bring items that we are not allergic to. Or the hospital doesn't provide items. The birth center I hope to deliver at provides nothing. You have to bring diapers, wipes, clothes to labor in, etc.
Yea that... I don't have insurance that was as good as last time and they still did not provide a lot.I will use only a select few items they provide because of how much more bulk they will add to my bag if I pack them.

I have my sling packed in my baby bag. It's where it will be stored when not in use. Naturally I only packed more clothes in my baby bag than necessary because
u.s. aren't always the most accurate at guessing weight. My baby could range from 7lbs to just shy of 11. My son came home in premie stuff!

Last time I relied on what they had and I ended up unwashed! Bleh. Also I vomited a lot during wish I could have swished mouth wash or even brushed my teeth. If I am Gbs positive again I will be there guaranteed for 48hrs after birth. Washing with my own stuff helps me feel human again. I never received anything like episiotimy spray at the fact I had to beg for an epi bottle and lanolin. The lanolin is to harsh for my nips so I am gonna use coconut oil this time.
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