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Re: Growing out of GERD

3 kids with reflux as infants...YDS outgrew by about 6 months, DD outgrew by 8.5 months (right around when she started walking).

ODS is 6 years old and STILL has reflux. He was on Zantac for the first year, his ped refused to renew the prescription after the one year mark and whenever we mentioned his reflux symptoms after that, I was told it was everything from toddler diarrhea to food intolerances to (in relation to nighttime whining/crying/curling up in a ball complaining of stomach issues) night terrors and constipation (cause...ya know...he's constipated AND has toddler diarrhea??!!) We made some major diet changes and medicated with children's Tums and saw a bit of relief for a while, but by age four I pretty much threw a fit at the ped's office, sat in the main waiting area, and told him I was not leaving until he either gave me a referral to a pediatric GI or had me escorted off the premises by police...I got the referral Ped GI was the best step we ever managed to make, and when we finally got in to see him, he said it was VERY obvious that ODS had had reflux for a while and he had significant esophogus & tooth damage from it...he ended up on really strong rotating dose of Prevacid and Prilosec for a year to help heal damage, then his GI took him off of them for a year (which we're coming to the end of here in the next month) because long-term use can cause bone loss...this year definitely hasn't been as bad as previous ones, I'm assuming mostly because the damage has been at least partially healed?? His teeth are still in horrible shape and probably always will be. Now we just have to really really watch what he eats, and he has an "emergency" bottle of Prevacid that he can take if his reflux really starts bothering him, but we've only had to use it a couple times.
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