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Re: Growing out of GERD

DS is 3.5 and on 15 mg of Prilosec. He is tube fed on Peptamin Jr, and was on Elecare for 3 years, which is one of the most hypoallergenic formulas on the market. Diet obviously isn't a factor for him.

Don't see any end in sight. His esophagus is permanently open. 90% of kids close by 10 months. 95% of kids close by a year. He is part of the 5% that never fully closed. Since he isn't having any other major issues because of it, they aren't doing anything about it. He takes reflux meds, and doesn't drink more than 5 oz at a time, or eat a huge amount of food at once.

My neighbor's boy is 7 and still on his meds too. His dad is a doctor, and they've tried a bunch of things to get him off, with no luck. He just needs them.
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