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Re: Laundry Soap

You're going to get a lot of opinions and responses on that!

The trend these days is toward Tide; It is often considered to not be cloth diaper approved because its optical brighteners (even in the F&C) can coat fabrics, sealing in the yuck and reducing absorbency. Other big brands are similar. Many have enzymes ... some babies are sensitive to enzymes, some diapers don't get clean without them, some diaper companies say "no enzymes", some say "must use enzymes."

Among those popular for cloth diapers include Charlie's, homemade, and Rockin Green ... these are soap based from what I understand. Soap based sometimes are amazing, sometimes do not get diapers clean, sometimes leave buildup in the washer, sometimes cause a lot of irritation.

Some natural detergents (not soap based) are Biokleen and Country Save. Both work in HE washers and don't contain the things that cloth diaper companies say to not use. They don't have optical brighteners and other things that coat fabrics. Biokleen has several formulas, Country Save is only in a powder.

My personal experience is that Tide doesn't truly get diapers clean, it just "hides" crud under layers of buildup. When I buy used diapers from people who use Tide, and wash them in Country Save, they smell clean at first and then once I start stripping off the buildup I find a ton of stink hidden in there. When I've used Tide it doesn't get diapers as clean as Country Save does, and my son gets rashes (this includes Free & Clear).

I really didn't want to use Country Save (it seems so granola-crunchy) so I used Biokleen, which I've liked (the regular liquid, not the powder, free & clear, or cold water formulas) ... however I had to use a little extra and it left stains.

For us, Country Save is the only one that gets all the stains out, gets the diapers truly clean, doesn't leave a buildup or rashes.

If you use Tide or something like that, I suggest a dash of vinegar in your fabric softener dispenser, to remove some of the optical brighteners they leave on fabric.
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