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Re: I need nickname ideas!

Originally Posted by Huxley View Post
My poor daughter gets called honey bear by me. I think I mixed up a few generic nicknames while sleep deprived. Her nickname that has stuck is name related, Missy Mae.
My youngest is Terror Bear so it could be worse. It is his Derby name so technically he chose it himself. We always called him Thare-bear so he just changed it to make it "scarier". The guys don't actually call him that though, they call him Melon because he wears a nutcase brand helmet that looks like a water melon. He's been their little Melon for almost a year now. They even gave him his blood so he is all official. In the past he has gone by "Dandylion Fluff" and "Ducky" but he doesn't much anymore. The only other nickname he has is Frost but that is actually his middle name.

Kearnan is Kare-bear and Kearny. We are all bears in this family. Dh skates under the derby name Papa-Bear and I get to be Mama-Bear by default.
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